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As a young songwriter, Summerlyn Powers tells a story far beyond her years.  Taking musical influence from many artists ranging from Joni Mitchell to the Beatles, her songwriting skills and unique voice are a blast from the past.  You’ll feel welcome to laugh along to quirky lyrics as well as metaphorical folk songs throughout her show.

Her first single’s music video, “Alabama Kinda Girl” features legendary county music star Pam Tillis.

Summerlyn’s self titled EP, produced by grammy award winner Andy Hunt, is set to be released on September 28th.

“This upcoming EP is a foreword to who I am as a writer and an artist. It shows that I am definitely an ‘outside of the box’ kind of girl.”

Get to know New & Noteworthy Artist Summerlyn Powers:  

  • Musical Influences:  John Denver, The Beatles, Carole King
  • Personal Influences:  Jesus is my main influence, He is always guiding my steps and teaching me to trust Him.
  • Why You Should Be Listening:  If you want to hear something that you can picture in your head like a movie, you should totally listen. Hopefully, my songs can reach out and touch the listeners emotions because my goal is to write things that allow listeners to feel and relate.
  • Music Sounds Like:  A lot of people tell me Ingrid Michaelson vocal wise, sometimes I get Jewel. My genre tends to surround country/folk. There’s quite a bit of 40s, 60s and 70s influence, and therefore my music sounds a bit like my influences. The Beatles, Carole King, John Denver, Johnny Cash, and Joni Mitchell.

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Instagram- @summerlynpowers
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